Lady or the Tiger

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The Lady or the Tiger

It is greatly debated what was in the door, the man had opened. Perspective changes people views on the story whether which door was opened. Different views on the story will decide the mans future; life or death. Life and death may be complete opposites, but to the man opening the door, they seemed very similar. While one door appeared with happiness, in reality the man would not be satisfied over either door. The love of his life now watches him choose a door to set his fate. She signals to one door for him to open. The question is if she signaled to the door with the Lady or the Tiger. Would she want him to get eaten to death, because her jealousy would be so strong that she would not want him to be with another lady. Or would she want him to live on, and try to move on with his life without her. Growing up at those times, the father has tremendous control in what the daughter does. Even though the daughter may have loved this young man, it went against the Kings wishes, and there were consequences because of it.

The young man is in this arena where there are many people watching for entertainment. He has no idea, which is the door with lady or the tiger. The only clue he gets is from his past lover, signaling the door towards the right. The story ends without telling what door the man opens. The author leaves it up to the reader to draw a conclusion on what they predict happens to this man. Opening the door with the lady he is immediately rewarded and married at that very moment. If he opens the door with the tiger, he is eaten till death. It would be an extremely painful and humiliating death, having his lover watch him suffer and hearing the noise from the crowd observing his torture. Both doors are dramatic changes in his future.

The princess rather her lover be with someone else and proceed with her life as best as she can. As hard as it might be, seeing him marry someone else, she...
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