Lady Macbeth Passage Analysis

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  • Published : August 28, 2012
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Lady Macbeth Passage Analysis
After Lady Macbeth reads the letter in Act One, Scene 5, she decides that she will make sure Macbeth is crowned King. Lady Macbeth suddenly becomes a character of evil, she knows the murder will need evil power and it does not take long to get her evil spirit. Throughout Act One, Scene 5 Lady Macbeth shows the audience her ability to commit evil and supernatural acts upon people. Lady Macbeth knows immediately that murdering King Duncan is the only way to quickly achieve her goal to crown her husband King. When Macbeth brings Lady Macbeth more news about Duncan coming to stay the night at their palace, her goal becomes clearer that her role is to take hold of the moment and assist her husband’s rise to his kingship. Lady Macbeth’s reaction to the letter shows us that Lady Macbeth is a woman who knows her husband very well, possibly because she shares some of his characters. Lady Macbeth’s words “It is too full o th’milk of human kindness”, show us how evil Lady Macbeth is. Lady Macbeth tries to challenge her husband’s manhood, and therefore, this would make him want to commit the murder to prove to his wife that he is a man. Towards the end of Act One, Scene 5 we witness a change of Lady Macbeth’s character, she has become weakened and scared, whereas at the beginning of the play she was a strong character who drove Macbeth until he kills Duncan. In this scene after the killing of Duncan Lady Macbeth’s character changes again. In Lady Macbeth’s sleep she admits that she helped kill Duncan by saying “Out, damned spot! One, two” this meaning that her hands were stained with blood therefore, meaning she has killed someone, that being Duncan. This quote shows that Lady Macbeth’s character has had another massive change since she wanted the murder to take place were now as she is regretting the murder as well as having nightmares over it which is driving Lady Macbeth crazy. Throughout this scene the relationship between Macbeth and...
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