Lady Macbeth Is Worthy of Praise

Topics: Morality, Macbeth, Life Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Katherine McIntyre
19 November 2012

The Passionate and Praiseworthy Life of Lady Macbeth

Prometheus is known for his rebellious choice to give fire to humanity and thus the value of his character is rarely acknowledged. Prometheus is a God in Greek mythology that sacrificed what he knew to be right for those which he loved.It is evident that Prometheus posses admirable qualities that define his character, and his choices exclusively define his situation. In Macbeth, William Shakespeare depicts Lady Macbeth as a woman who is irrational and makes wrong choices, yet upon closer scrutiny, Lady Macbeth should actually be praised for her passion and her wisdom. Although she allows her ambitions for her husband to override her moral compass, it is these same harsh decisions that ultimately impart great wisdom to her. Like the Greek myth of Prometheus in which he gives humans fire to enhance civilization, Lady Macbeth’s immoral actions are motivated by her desire to enhance the life of her husband. This comes at a great personal cost to Lady Macbeth. Parallel to Prometheus’ lesson, there is much to admire in the cautionary tale of Lady Macbeth: to live a life with passion and understanding is more meaningful than to live a life with no errors and no wisdom. First Lady Macbeth remains completely dedicated to Macbeth despite his unbridled hunger for power. Her love is unconditional, and her complete devotion to him as a wife is admirable. Moreover, Macbeth has little inner strength without Lady Macbeth’s strong mentality to bolster him. It is her counsel and aid that ensure he is able to act to seize the kingship. Finally, it is Lady Macbeth’s ability to obtain wisdom from her mistakes-to understand the nature of Divine justice-that solidifies her as a passionate character worthy of praise.

Lady Macbeth’s wifely devotion defines her not only as an admirable person but also as an admirable wife. Many women support their...
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