Lady Macbeth and Snow White's Stepmother

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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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The story that I have chosen is from a fairytale called Snow White, The character that I have picked that is remotely similar to Lady Macbeth is Snow White wicked step mother. I chose her because Lady Macbeth and the evil step Mother they both share some of the same qualities.
One similarity that they both share is that they are both ambitious to get what they want. The wicked step mother is ambitious due to many reasons one is that she gains her royal position as queen by marrying a widowed man not for true love just for the title. Another reason to why she is ambitious is that in the story when the step mother asks the mirror which tells answers peoples questions. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?". This time there was a different reply from the mirror to what she is usually use to "You were the fairest, lady Queen. Snow White is fairest now, I ween". This really made the Queen angry because she wanted to be fairest and she envied Snow White beauty and the only option that she took was murder to achieve what she wanted. Comparable to Lady Macbeth for her husband to become king the only route she took was murdering King Duncan.

Both Lady Macbeth and the Queen does not do the actual murder themselves. The Queen she orders her huntsman to go kill Snow White, 'Take the child into the forest, and kill her, and bring back her heart and her tongue as proof that she is dead.' This is an extremely cruel thing to say to an innocent human being who has caused no harm upon the Queen. Also it portrays how nasty, evil and fearless the Queen can be asking the huntsman to do something so gruesome and to bring the organs back which is a ghastly thing to do or see. Lady Macbeth she pushes Macbeth into killing King Duncan by manipulating him and questioning his manhood. In Act 1 Scene 7 Lady Macbeth says 'Have pluck'd my nipple from the boneless gums, And dash'd the...
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