Lady Macbeth

Topics: Macbeth, Three Witches, William Shakespeare Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: May 25, 2011
Lady Macbeth
Shakespeare, who was a writer born in Stratford-upon-Avon created many different plays, in which he always portrayed the woman as the “bad guy.” He was born in 1564 and he was a writer, actor and a dramatist. He wrote many plays, mostly revolving around tragedy such as: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth. Shakespeare was a respected poet, and writer who received recognition after he passed away, April 23rd. 1616. One of Shakespeare’s well-known tragic plays ``Macbeth`` describes how a greedy woman second guesses her husband’s manhood and convinces him to murder a King and take his place. The characters in this play make the readers` think the women back in the day were greedy, selfish and conniving. Lady Macbeth, who plays one of the most impacted roles, is described as a woman who second guesses her husband`s manhood and forces him to commit a crime due to a prophecy from three witches. Lady Macbeth starts off greedy, but then she starts to feel guilty about all the things she has made her husband do. Lady Macbeth`s character is responsible for the evil doings of Macbeth because she convinces Macbeth that he isn`t capable of anything, she makes him feel vulnerable but she controls him after the murder and she uses his love for her to achieve her selfish goals.

The 3 prophecies slowly changed Lady Macbeth`s opinions on life and made her extremely greedy. The beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth is a controlling, ambitious character. She is the one who encourages her husband to kill the king. She not only encourages him, she also creates all the plans herself, and makes him put them into action; which shows that she is persistent. For example, ”Yet I do fear thy nature, it is too full o’th milk of human kindness. To catch the nearest way thou wouldst be great. Art not without ambition, but without the illness should attend it." (Act 1, scene 5). Lady Macbeth is the cause of this sudden change in Macbeth. She tries to manipulate him into thinking...
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