Lady Hao

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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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Nickelle Lewis
Humn 1301
Aesthetic Encounter Report 1: Lady Hao

Lady Hao was a warrior during the 1200 BCE she was a woman who had a high status in China during the Shang Dynasty could also say she was the first legendary warrior queen of China. This information is not documented due to the fact that the statuses of women in china were often lowered, the evidence of lady’s Hao life come from the items that were in her tomb. Lady Hao led numerous military campaigns against the tribes Tu, Ba, Yi and Qiang. When they found her tomb they were unaware that it was a tomb of a woman they figured the tomb was of a prince or a man of royalty. She was the third wife of King Wu Ding. She was important in Chinese culture because during this time period it was every uncommon for a female to run an army and with her husband permission she was able to do so. Lady Hao asked for an increment to fund and be able to lead the army against the Tu Fang. She was said to have led several different battles. King Wu Ding gave Lady Hao her own lands on the borders of his kingdom.

Wu Ding was the husband of Lady Hao; he was a king in the Shang Dynasty period. He married one woman from every tribe in china and Lady Hao was one of them. Fu Hao shared her grave with sixteen slaves and six dogs all sacrificed at her burial. “Animal and human sacrifice was common in those days and there is evidence that Fu Hao presided over this highly political function and performed the sacrifices.” female warriors It is not written down but the items that were found in Lady Hao tomb, tells the life that she lived and the battles that she fought. Lady Hao was buried at the edge of Anyang, Henan area. There were a lot of weapons discovered in her tomb such as bows, spears, swords, daggers, helmets and shields. She always had one ax for each battle she fought in which symbolized the high military prominence she had in all there were four axes. In her grave site she had many items of that showed her...
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