Lady Gaga Case Study

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Lady Gaga Case Study
Up to September 2009 Lady Gaga with the perspective of her manager and record company did not follow the traditional process of being famous pop-star. First of all, she and her team tried to use every possible channel to reach different kind of fans like gay community. In order to create reliable and strong relationship with fans Lady Gaga appeared in many concerts mostly regardless of the size or type of the venue. Through this way, Lady Gaga had an opportunity to get interact with considerable amount of her fans. Unusual style and imitate personality of her that had a major impact created significant amount of loyal fans. Second important thing about Lady Gaga launch is usage of social media channels. On the contrary of many celebrities Lady Gaga has preferred to control and manage her social media identity. That was the one of the most crucial key point which plays big role in creation process of loyal fans. In addition to that Lady Gaga and her team create many short videos through you tube as a transmission of Gaga vision. For the unusual artists like Lady Gaga, these are proper and essential steps to introduce artists label to people. Expression of artist emotions and promotion of label of artist are important as quality of music. On a going forward basis, Lady Gaga team can arrange an arena tour for her in order to carry the success of VMA step forward. For the recording career of Gaga, her team can make arrangements with studios and famous singer whose music style is close to Gaga for collaboration in order to improve music quality of Gaga and make better promotion. In order to leverage presence of Lady Gaga in social media, her team can fallow new social media channels to participate, make collaboration with digital advertising company to create innovative ideas,...
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