Lady Gaga

Topics: The Fame, The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: March 18, 2011
The Willingness to Manipulate for Fame

Originally, Lady Gaga wanted to be a rock star, modeling herself on John Lennon and Freddy Mercury; but when dance music proved to be a more likely path to success, she made the switch. If she is willing to change musical styles for fame, then she was willing to change her wardrobe for it. What is questionable is the route she took to be well-known. Lady Gaga is someone willing to manipulate her career in order to be famous. Lady Gaga has manipulated her career for fame by creating a false image of herself that is designed to capture public attention. When getting right down to it, Lady Gaga is an upper-middle class girl from New York City who really wanted to become famous and, ultimately, did through dramatized antics. She is a girl that loves drama, take her logo in consideration it is very revealing and particularly fitting. It is a headless female body with a bolt of lightning going through it and exiting her genitalia. The body looks like the headless mannequins that are found in clothing stores. People are drawn to Lady Gaga, because of her enormous and unusual public persona, which includes wearing garbage on her head and comparing making music to “irresponsible, condom less sex”( She releases videos that involve magical spells and acts of ritualistic violence which promotes shock value. She also gains attention using her own bisexuality even though never known to ever have had a relationship with a woman yet actively affiliates herself with gay culture. She refuses to be addressed by her given name and answers only to Lady Gaga. She was on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine wearing nothing but plastic bubbles. For many of her fans, all of these things seem to indicate that Lady Gaga is an interesting pop artist; to many other fans, it indicates that Lady Gaga wants attention. She has admitted that everything she does is to get attention; she is basically a personified...
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