Lady Capulet Character Analysis

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Lady Capulet Character Analysis
William Shakespeare’s infamous plays have been watched throughout time. The notorious play, “Romeo and Juliet” has survived centuries to be adapted into a 1996 film. This updated version replaces the archaic environment of the 16th century, but maintains the plays original English dialect. This major change forces details of the original story to be altered. This essay will highlight these differences between the play and the book by showing how one minor character was changed.

From the beginning of the play it becomes obvious that Juliet Capulet is being pushed into the idea of marriage by her mother, Lady Capulet. Lady Capulet is a minor character who first enters the play by demanding to speak to her daughter. She explains to Juliet that a handsome man named Paris would like to be her husband, and makes it clear that his wealth will bring Juliet an easy lifestyle. Her speech is unselfish, and shows that she does care for her daughter. Her round character exhibits her impatience and her inability to maintain a relationship with her daughter. This is proven when Juliet’s mother is left in the dark about her secrets, and the Nurse is confided in. The Nurse acts as a foil to Lady Capulet because of her nurturing nature. In the time period, the rich are portrayed as proper and superior, and an appropriate lady must remain obedient to her husband. So when Capulet threatens to throw Juliet into the streets it is only natural that Lady Capulet supports his decision. The play conveys Lady Capulet as rude and self-serving, but also as a caring mother. By being an opulent noblewoman in the late 1500’s she comes across as snobby which can be overlooked due to the time period.

The first time you see Lady Capulet in the movie “Romeo and Juliet” you notice her eccentric behavior. Her apparel and attitude scream for attention. When she speaks with Juliet about marriage it seems that she wants her to marry wealthy Paris for her own...
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