Lady's Maid

Topics: Narrative, Narratology, Fiction Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: January 4, 2013
The Lady’s Maid

The story “The Lady’s Maid” was written by Katherine Mansfield, a famous British writer. She is well-known for her psychological stories. The story “The Lady’s Maid” touches upon the problem of class distinction (the poor’s miserable life) and loneliness. The message of Katherine Mansfield’s story is closely connected with its theme, which is the inequality between the rich and those, who serve them. The author raises the question of injustice and exploitation. I think the message of the story can be formulated as follows: each person has a right for being treated with respect and his or her society can’t deprive him or her of this right. The author also underlines that every person is a master of his or her own life. Everyone has a choice and the main condition is not to miss the chance. There is one main character (protagonist) – a maid, and there several minor characters, such as the lady’s dead mother, the lady, madam, the maid’s grandfather, her aunt and Harry. The title of the story focuses the reader’s attention on the most relevant character. It also implies that the whole protagonist’s life is a life of a maid. The story was written in the form of a dialogue with a madam, a guest of the lady. The questions in the dialogue is omitted in order to feel involvement in the story and the questions are easily rebuilt by readers. The story has a complex narrative structure. Katherine Mansfield resorted to the flashback technique. The events are not arranged in chronological order; there are flashbacks to Ellen’s childhood and youth. The plot structure has such components as exposition, complications and climax. There is no resolution. In the exposition we can find some information about the setting and time. There is no description of it, but when we read lines “11 o’clock. A knock at the door…”, we can understand the time and that the actions are situated in the house. The second structural component which follows the exposition is...
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