Ladies Detectives

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  • Published: April 2, 2013
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Ladies’ detective
To obtain the truth using reasoning, collecting clues and putting them together to obtain a logical solution to the problems, that is the job of a detective. A genderless job although there are different characteristics brought up for the writers and from society to represent a female detective. Some literally works and also the morality placed on society had created the stories and characteristic that makes a person suitable for this kind of job which is variable depending on the cultural, sociological and economical background. In this movie The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency directed by Anthony Minghella, where the main character named Precious Ramotswe challenged a patriarchal society when she decides to open a detective agency against all prediction of failure, proving to everybody that women can be at the same level as the men on the social scale. The movie plays the life of Precious Ramotswe, a woman who decided to make herself useful for her country and to help people to solve their problems. She is coming from a humble family and a strong sense of traditionalism and pride in her native Botswana. Precious Ramotswe was taught by her father who was her best friend, the person whom she used to talk together about everything. Her father also told her many stories about the country and how the real Botswana was and it needs to be. Her father was part of the town council, together with the other elders they solved the common problems that the locals had, although she was not allow to give her help to solve this cases, the spark of solving mysteries was there with her every time she was where her father was called to solve a conflict. The conflict that appears in the move is between two farmers fighting for a cow; one of them was missing it and because that is when her cleverness comes out, also her desires to help people with their problems. This is probably the primary reason why some detectives begin with their investigative career, to solve mysteries, some of them related to something that is unknown, or mystical. Botswana being a relatively developing country by itself with the help of the British Empire and the trace of colonialism in their traditions, locals are attached to many rites related to their ancestries, prove of this is shown later on in the movie where Precious Ramotswe is solving a case in which there is a missing finger and the location of a kid that was kidnapped. Analysis, it is one of the qualities that a detective must have. The ability to rationing, separate facts, combine them and relate them all to the story. In the No1 Ladies’ Detective, Precious Ramotswe has no training in this field whatsoever but she decided to open the agency to support the local community to solve their problems. Her analysis of the situations and the orthodoxy used by her to solve some of the cases is quite simple, no fancy terminology, neither over-elaborated scientific deductions, somehow she manages to always be in the right place and time, most of the time she resolves the cases through general knowledge, always asking to the locals also leaning on his closer friends like her partner Grace Makutsi and her later boyfriend Matekoni, whom help her to decipher in some cases by accident and in other by covering her acts so there is no evidence to others that she is acting or doing something. In this cases where the detective is self taught, there is the impression that the private detective and the amateur investigator are “more clever and effective than the police department” (Foster), the movie shows this when she was going to the city in the tow truck and there was a group of people searching for a missing kind for themselves, the police was there just to control the traffic and to keep the rest of the person passing by away, another cases is when Precious Ramotswe brings to the police a piece of finger that the police has been working in that case for a long period of time and all the sudden this...
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