Lacrosse Compared to Other Sports

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How many professional lacrosse games have you been to? 2,1, or 0 now compare that to the number of NFL or NBA games you have attended. Almost all Americans would agree that basketball and football is more popular than lacrosse. Also they would agree that lacrosse players earn less than the traditional sports players. Those types of people are correct, lacrosse players earn significant different wages than NFL or NBA athletes, but what exactly are the these differences. Ryan Boyle, ever heard of him? Ryan was an all American collegiate athlete and brought his game to the MLL (major league lacrosse). Ryan is currently the highest paid lacrosse player in both the MLL and the NLL (national league lacrosse) Ryan was the MVP in 2009 and he earned about $40,000(e.g. Even with this low salary Boyle earns $26,500 more than the average MLL player. Rookies in both the MLL and NLL bring in an average of

$7,000 a year and some elite superstars earn $20,000 or more per year (e.g. The NBA has various successful and profitable teams. Among these teams are the Boston Celtics who currently employ the highest paid NBA player. Starting power forward Kevin Garnett earns an estimated $22,000,000 per year. $5.36 million is the average salary of a NBA player (Heron 1). Rookies estimate earnings of about $500,000 each year(e.g.

Eli manning tops the charts as todays highest paid NFL athlete. Eli recently signed a new contract with the New York Giants for $97 million. Manning is the face of this football empire leading them to a championship in 2007. Manning is being paid $15.3 million on a yearly bases for a total of six years (e.g. The average players salary is estimated to be $770,000. In the NFL there

are many non-starters, this means that many athletes just sit on the sideline. So while these individuals just watch the game they are being paid at least $400,000 a year (Bell 2). Now that you are aware of...
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