Lack of Interest in Participating in Co-Curriculum Activities

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Co-curriculum is modeled on development theories which suggest that students move from a rather insular view of themselves and the world. As a result of their experiences and learning which occurs both in and out of the classroom, they develop into individuals with a more defined identify and pluralistic view of the world. Specifically, as students move along this continuum of cognitive and personal development such as develop a sense of purpose where they are able to formulate experience growth in their intellectual and career goals, develop competence and experience growth in their interpersonal and physical skills, develop their identity by becoming aware of their gender, sexual orientation, self acceptance and self esteem.

Co-curriculum important because it build teamwork among students, mental and physical endurance, patriotism, discipline and other skills among students, need to be exposed to real life outside the classrooms and encourage integration among students, being active in co-curriculum activities are now an entry criterion to schools and higher educational institution.


The purpose of this research is to determine whether there is a lack of student’s participation in co-curriculum activities in school. The school that selected for this research was SMK Seri Ampang. This research intends to look into aspects such as reason on why students are not interest in participating in the co-curriculum activities in the school and the solutions to overcome it.


Much emphasis is given to academic, as it is the deciding factor of a student’s future. In the process co-curriculum activities are not taken seriously although the ministry has put stress on the matter every student has to take part in co-curriculum activities for the betterment of the students. However, the participation in full force has to be accomplished. The research seeks to find out what are the variables or factors that contribute towards the students’ lack of participation in co-curriculum activities in school. Among the elements which this research seeks to determine are the facilities, financial conditions and also the timing which would likely contribute to the lack of participation of the students in co-curriculum in school. The theoretical framework is given in figure 1.1

Figure 1.1 Theoretical Framework of the Research


This research was carried out with the following objectives:

a) To determine on whether there is a lack of participation in co-curriculum activities in school

b) To determine the reasons on why there is a lack of participation in co-curriculum activities in school

c) To determine ways and means to overcome students lack of participations in co-curriculum activities


This research was carried out to answer the following research questions:

a) How facilities in school effects in students participation in co-curriculum activities?

b) How financial conditions influence student’s participation in co-curriculum activities?

c) How timing can effects the participation of students in co-curriclum activities?


The following null hypotheses were formulated to answer the research questions:

a) Lack of participation among students in co-curriculum activities due to improper facilities that have in school

b) Lack of participation among students in co-curriculum activities due to financial condition that they are facing

c) Lack of participation among students in co-curriculum activities due to the timing that set by the school


This research would shed some awareness and light upon teachers, parents, students and government to come out with means and ways to develop and build interest among students in participating...
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