Lack of Immunization

Topics: Vaccination, Immune system, Immunization Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Health ProblemFamily Nursing ProblemGoal of CareObjectives of CareInterventionRationaleMethods of Nurse and Family ContactResources RequiredEvaluation Lack of Immunization as a Health Threat

“Itinigil na naming ang pagpapabakuna sa kanila (children) dahil palagi silang nilalagnat.”1.1. Inability of the family to recognize the long term effects of not having their children immunized. 2.

3.2. Inadequate information dissemination to the family members about the rationale behind immunization. 4.
5.3. Lack of resources to carry out immunization of family members. 6.After the nursing interventions, the family will be able to make an appropriate decision regarding the immunization of its family members.After the nursing interventions, the family: 1. will gain a better understanding as to why immunizations are important 2. will gain knowledge about the effects of certain vaccines 3. will be able to identify resources that can help them accomplish the immunization of its membersHealth teaching such as: Importance of vaccination

Awareness on the possible effects
Encourage the family to visit the health center
Follow up check up

The problem arose because the family did not understand that fever after the administration of DPT is normal. It reflects the family’s lack of knowledge about the procedure. The group believes that a Health Teaching Seminar will improve the lack of knowledge.Home visitHuman Resources: the students who will conduct the seminar. Visual Aids: the materials prepared to illustrate various points during the discussions.Within a week after the intervention, the family contacted their local health center, and were scheduled to be given the hepatitis vaccine while other vaccines that can be given to them are still being determined by the health nurse.
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