Lack of Discipline in Children

Topics: Psychology, Childcare, Mother Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Lack of Discipline in Children
ENG 101
Evelyn Hill
January 28, 2013

Walk into any public and look around; what do you see? Most people would say; products, people, families, and children. Next, watch some of the children for just a minute and listen to them. There are probably some children playing hide and seek from their parents in the racks of cloths, others are opening the packages of toys, and of course, there’s the one child who is screaming all through the store because his mom told him he couldn’t have something he wanted. Don’t worry, that will soon cease when mom gets tired of hearing the screaming and will give in. This is just an example of public places almost anywhere in the United States; children pitching a fit because they don’t get what they want. While all children pitch fits at some point in their young lives, they also need to be taught that it is not appropriate behavior. We need to discipline our children so they have the knowledge and skills to act in accordance with the rules of society.

While only a few years ago many families had the luxury to only need one income in a household, things have changed and it’s no longer feasible for only one parent to work. This change in the economy has led to an increase of children being left with a babysitter or put in a child care facility. I see many children in the center that I work at, who are at school for ten to twelve hours a day. This is leaving a parents job up to a teacher of six to twenty-five children, discipline included. I’m hoping that my paper will offer some insight to parents who are looking for ways to discipline their child without much of the screaming, fighting, frustration, and physical and mental issues that may attach with the use of corporal punishment.

Discipline is the structure that helps a child fit into society happily and effectively; key words being structure. Children need structure whether they are at home or in day care, this enables children...
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