Lack of Affection and Love

Topics: Love, The Beloved, Thought Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: June 21, 2011
It seems that the world today is full of hatred and devoid of love, but not completely. The real situation in the hearts of today is that of indifference. This situation is not proper to hate, but can lead to this, for hatred but cold is a negative feeling towards another person, while the lack of love is this lack of feeling, that disregard of another person

This situation now prevailing indifference is also aided by technological advances that we have been confronted. Technological advances have been isolating us more and more, we have narrowed the space for an "I" surrounded by things that you can use at will. Before getting what you wanted you had to interact with another person, now by simply pressing the button or make a phone call and you get what you want. That is what we believe we can do with other people, not even consider ourselves as individuals, we believe we can use to our advantage and use the machines that have served us so usefully so far.

But relations with others not only reduced but also have cooled, the world we line in now is a world in which cainismo prevails, a world in which they were created ideals of peace, justice and love we are unable to perform because we're getting cold and devoid of feeling we are getting carried away by indifference. We have isolated so we think that only we exist and we took refuge in anonymity. This is the existential anonymity has reduced us to a number, a figure because we are not even named, our identity has been lost so that no one cared.

Perhaps this approach is somewhat exaggerated, it is true that the disaffection is widespread and invades the hearts of many, but we must also say that love is a characteristic of man, love is part of man and therefore tends to every man love and be loved, distinguishing between different types of love. Every man within us tend

Love would be the larger, not only there is love between two people or to a person, as

would happen in love, but...
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