Lac Import Loan

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IFIC Bank Limited
Elephant Road Branch

A/c- Mis. Hamzah Chemicals:
Mr. Tanim Ahmed is a renown business personality in our business commanding area. He has been maintaining different accounts with us for the last Era. He has also been availing different facilities from 2000. During the period he earns goodwill in smooth business operation. He has been operating the following business account with us:

Details of Alc Maintaining with the Branch:

CD |HAMZAH CHEMICALS |1014-174413-001 |07/08/2002 |Trading | CD |PACIFIC CHANNEL |1014-174251-001 |15/09/1997 |Supplying | CD |DJ |PRO |& |LIGHT |1014-421563-001 |29/03/2012 |Supplying | |WAVES ||||||

CD |TM CHEMICALS LTD. |1014-174679-001 |18/1112007 |Manufacturing | CD |TANIMAHMED ||1014-199199-001 |11109/2008 ||
RFCD(USD) |TANIMAHMED ||1014-396380-061 |24/10/2011 ||
FCAD (USD) |MELYANA ||HALIM, |1014-177989-051 |01/04/2008 || |NOMINA TED TANIM ||||
Reason for poor turn over in CC(Hypo) Alc:
There was recession in Europe-America and later price hike of yam over the last 2/3 years which hampered the Garments business severely. Mis. Hamzah Chemicals is an importer and supplier of mostly Garments and Cleaning Chemicals as a deem exporter. So he was affected by this disorder and a lot of goods fall in stock lot and high receivables from the procurement in 2011. As such he could not pay the LTR and Term Loan liability in due time and fall in SM due to overdue. To overcome the vulnerable situation he requested us for reschedulement of all the overdue LIR and IL(O) liabilities payable by monthly installment from the day to day sales proceeds. After approval of the reschedulement on June, 2012 he started strong marketing and receivables collection to pay the monthly installment. In consequence he did not procure further stocks in 2012 to avoid overloading. Thus he adjusted the reschedulement...
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