Labour Welfare

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In this developing country which is predominantly agrarian, the role of the industrial sector cannot be underestimated. A potential and diversified industrial sector can ignite and accelerate economic growth. Over the years with the rapid industrialization of India, a massive organization sector employing a layer workforce has come to occupy an important and visible part of the countries economic life. The industrial progress of a country layely depends on the efficiency of employee.

Employees is an indispensable factor in industrial production. Any organization whold be effective only when there is high degree of co-operation of labor force by providing welfare facilities. These welfare facilities go a long way in stimulating interest in the workers to produce their full capacity and pay good returns to the management in the long run, therefore, labor welfare activities act as motivator, and result in higher productivity and profits, it also enables the workers employed in industrial to perform their work in a healthy and congenial surrounding conductive to good health and high morale.

For building up a stable and efficient employee force. Because workers beings to feel interested in their work when they find that they are being well looked after. Their morale is raised and industrial relation is improved.

Employee turnover and absenteeism rater decline when the workers find the work place congenial.

On the humanitarian around employee welfare is commendable because it shows faith in the basic human values of life. From the social point of view employee welfare in needed to ensure a healthier and more enlightened citizen.

The approach to this movement differs from country to country, according to the development in a particular country. However, the needed of employee welfare in some way or the other is realized all over. The world because of the socio-economic conditions and problems with which the industrial society has thrown up.

Employee welfare operates to naturalize the harmful effects of laye-scale industrialization and urbanization. Provision of welfare amenities enables the workers to live and more satisfactory life and contributes to their efficiency and productivity. It also helps in maintaining industrial peace. Employers take up welfare activities with the following aims and objectives in mind.

* To win employees loyalty and boost their morale.
* To combat trade unionism and socialist ideas.
* To develop efficiency and productivity among workers.
* To save oneself from heavy taxes on surplus profits.
* To earn goodwill and enhance public image.
* To reduce the threat of further government intervention. * To make recruitment more effective
* To retain intelligent, effective and efficient employees.

The international labour organization also conserved that “The term is one which leads itself to various interpretation and, it has not always has the same significance in different countries.

Sometimes the concept is a very wide one and is more or less synonymous with condition of work as a whole. It may include not only the minimum standard of hygiene and safety laid sown in general labour organization but also with such aspect of working lied as social insurances schemes, measures for production of women and young workers limitations of hours of work paid vacations etc.

The committee on labour welfare which is popularly known as malvia committee observed that “ The scope of labour cannot be confined to facilities within or near. The undertaking nor can it be so comprehensive as to embrace the whole range of social welfare, or social service.

Employee problems arise because of the fact that, under the conditions of laye scale industry people have to depend on their live hood. Thy may have to accept jobs which they do not like. The may have to work under unpleasant conditions; they...
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