Labour Relationship Review of Litereture

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Labour Relations in Colonial PNG
A country’s fundamental features of industrial relations whether in whole or segment, according to the late Dunlop, one of foremost American labour relations scholars,depended on three factors: the effect of chronological period, the pattern of social change and the process of economic development (1958:38). Jackson (1924), Parr (1974) and

Nelson (1976)
described it as incomprehensible and strange to most labourers in the Wau-Bulolo gold fields and plantations on the New Guinea north coast and islands. The incomprehension coupled with decades of harsh treatment of local workers triggered the notable Rabaul Strike of 1929 which was the earliest collective industrial action ever undertaken by an indigenous workforce (Willis 1970; Gammage 1975).

The activities of the local assistants as guides, and carriers as well as pick and shovel handlers, is documented (Parr 1974; Gibbney 1972; Nelson 1992). Nelson’s insight that may undertook the work for the adventure of escaping their village environment and usually did so voluntarily is interesting (Nelson 1992:11).

According to the Bulgarian Labour Code employees may, with no prior permission, to freely form, by theirown choice, trade union organisations; to join and leave them on a voluntary basis, showing consideration fortheir statutes only. Trade union organisations represent and protect employees’ interests before government agencies and employers as regards the issues of labour and social security relations and living standardsthrough collective bargaining, participation in the tripartite cooperation, organisation of strikes and otheractions, pursuant to the law

According to the Labour Code state agencies and employers have to provide conditions for, and cooperate with, trade union organisations to further their activities. They have to make available to the employees organisations for free real estate and movables, buildings, premises, and other...
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