Labour Law of Bangladesh

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Chapter one


The Bangladesh Labor Code, 2006 is not enacted a day, Bangladesh has a long heritage in terms of labor laws. The main purpose of the Bangladesh Labor Code, 2006 is to consolidate and amend the existing loss relating to labor and industrial affairs. In this report we work on four statements. The Bangladesh Labor Code, 2006 provides some provisions in health and hygiene (in sections 51-60), safety (in section 61-78), welfare measures (in section 89-99)   & working hours and leave ( in section 100-119) issues of workers in Bangladesh. The Act   of health and hygiene has motioned regarding cleanliness, ventilation and temperature, protection form dust and fume, waste disposal services, artificial humidification, control overcrowding, adequate lighting, provision of safe drink water, presence of adequate number of latrines and urinals and spittoons. The Act of safety include safety of building and machinery, precautions in case of fire, fencing of machinery, casing of new machinery, cranes and other lifting machinery , floors, stairs and means of access , excessive weights, protection   of eyes, precautions against dangerous fumes, explosive or inflammable dust, gas etc. The Act of welfare measures consist of   first-aid appliances, maintenance of a safety record book, washing facilities, canteens, shelters, rooms for children & compulsory group insurance etc. and the Act of working hours & leave include daily working hours, intervals for rest or meal, weekly hours, weekly holiday, compensatory weekly holiday, spread over of working hours, night shift, extra allowance for overtime, restrictions on working hours of women, restriction on double employment, notice of periods of work for adults and preparation thereof, casual leave, sick leave, annual leave with wages & festival holiday etc.
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