Labour Case

Topics: Tamil Nadu, Trade union, Employment Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: February 12, 2013
It’s a known fact that unless and until women are given their rightful place, no society or country can progress. The Tirupur People Forum (TPF), a Non-Government Organisation in Tamil Nadu studied the state of affairs of the women workers in textile industries during 2001 to 2008. Young unmarried women below the poverty line had under gone worst form of exploitation in their working environment and the social activists accuse that this continues unabated. The provisions of Indian Factories Act, The Industrial Disputes Act, Minimum Wages Act and other acts empowering women and children were flouted by various textile industrial owners under the scheme launched by them called “Sumangali Scheme” (Marriage scheme for unmarried girls). This exploitation barring rights and privileges to women employees in textile industry amounts to unfair trade practice and a punishable offence. INTRODUCTION:

Sumangali Scheme under the purview of the Indian Labour Law: Labours laws in India always stood for the welfare of the labour since they are the backbone for every development in the industry. The Sumangali Scheme cannot fulfil the basic norms of industrial welfare acts. The Indian Factories Act, 1948: This act provides special privileges for working women and children. The labour welfare inspector or inspector of factories have to play a major role in inspecting the factories. The inspector and other officer appointed on sec 8 are deemed to be a public servant with in the meaning of Indian penal code, 1860[sec.8 (9)]. The chief inspectors have to examine the textile premises for the Health, Safety and welfare [sec (11-20)] of the women worker in the textile industry. He is expected to make provisions for maintenance of health, cleanliness, prevention of overcrowding and amenities like lighting, ventilation, drinking water etc. Under (sec 55), working women should be given at-least half an hour rest for...
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