Topics: Employment, Labor force, Unemployment Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: March 28, 2013
We are providing labour to the households and corporates whom they can hire online through our website “labourwala”. The website maintains a record of the all labour categorized in accordance to their skills. Rankings have been provided to the labour based on previous feedbacks. The rates for various labours will be displayed along with their other details (like representative details) so that based on requirements customers can hire them. Online payment facility will be available for convenience of the customer. The concept of “Booth” is implemented and booth is headed by a “booth representative”. Labours can freely come in and signup with us and provide the available days and timings along with their preferred location of working. All the data will be fed to database by the representative which the customer can easily search through our website “labourwala”. The representative acts as a bridge between the customer and labour and can be contacted in case of any discrepancy. This idea targets several labour problems existing in the India: •Difficulties which households, corporate firms in cities and towns face while searching for labour is captured and sorted. • Training for special purpose jobs to rural people helps them sustain their livelihood. • Another severe problem which is catered by our system is that of exploitation of labour. •Unemployment of rural people who are liable for wages under unemployment scheme can be registered for carrying out the job thus saving the government funds. The system generates revenue from commission charged for the services provided to the customers. We would be charging the advertisers for hosting on our website. The labour will be receiving the salaries either directly from the customers or from the booth representative if customer choses to pay online. The booth will be hired on monthly basis and booth representative will be paid on monthly salary basis. Product Or Service:

Online Labour...
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