Laboratory Techniques and Measurements

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  • Published : March 8, 2012
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Laboratory Techniques and Measurements

Choose any three objects that are shorter than the metric ruler to measure, such as a CD, Key, spoon etc.

ruler| 30.5 cm| 305 mm|
thermometer| 15.1 cm| 151 mm|
pencil| 16.7 cm| 167 mm|

Warm Temperature Measurements

* Fill a 100 a 100mL beaker with 50mL of hot water. Get the water as hot as possible. * Use thermometer to measure the temperature of the water in the beaker using Celsius unit. Record measurement in Data Below. * Place the beaker of the water on the wire gauze burner stand. * Remove the cap from the burner fuel and set aside. Light the fuel and slip it under the burner stand. * Bring the water to full boil and record its temperature. Record the measurement in data below. * Let the water boil for about 5 minutes. Record the measurement in data below.

Cold Temperature Measurements

* Allow the 100 mL beaker to cool. Fill the beaker with cold tap water and then record for the water temperature Data below. * Prepare an ice water bath by adding ice to the beaker filled with cold tap water. * Immerse the thermometer in the ice bath and stir gently. Record the temperature Data below. * Let the ice water stand about 5 minutes. Then record the temperature in Data below. Hot water from tap (Celsius)| Boiling Water (Celsius)| Boiling water- 5 min| 51| 103| 103|

Cold water from tap(Celsius)| Ice water (Celsius)| Ice water-5 min| 5| 0| -2|

Volume Measurement
* The curved surface of the lid in a glass is cylinder is called the meniscus. * Fill a small test tube with water.
* Pour the water from the test tube into the 25 mL graduated Cylinder. Record the volume of the water below. Empty the graduated cylinder. * Determine the volume of a thin –stemmed pipet:
a) Completely fill a clean, empty pipet with water.
b) Hold the pipet vertically multiple times to expel all the water...
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