Laboratory Report

Topics: Bacteria, Microorganism, Pipette Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Microorganism are organism that are too small and cannot be seen with naked eyes.The phrase of ubiquity of microorganism refers to the concept that microorganism are everywhere in our daily life surrounding.In our everyday common life ,microbes are virtually ubiquitous.They are in the air we breath,the foods we eat and as well as the skin of our fingers. Aseptic transfer is the transference of bacteria or other microbial cultures fromone container to another while maintaining purity of the culture. Pure cultures--consistof only one type of bacteria ideally the descendants from a single bacterial cell.Because microbes are present everywhere - in the air, the work area, clothes, bodies,etc., - it is important to follow the rules for aseptic transfer at all times. This is the onlyway of controlling Contamination--Maintaining purity of culture is essential in microbiology if the biologist is to beable to identify bacteria, test for antibiotic sensitivity, or maintain stock cultures. Oftenin nature a pure culture is impossible to come by because species live together. Thescientist is left working with mixed cultures. Pure cultures can be derived from mixedcultures through isolation of cultures and this also requires that sterile (aseptic)techniques to be used. Normally transference is done from colonies.

A colony consists of usuallyseveral million cells that are assumed to be the descendants from one cell.Inoculations from one media to another, therefore, is usually done by removal of a fewmillion cells from one colony into a new environment. This must be done with theintegrity of all colonies remaining intact. Through the use of sterile techniques, this canbe accomplished successfully.There are a number of tools that are used for inoculation procedures. Inoculating loops are used when transferring members of a broth culture to another broth, platedmedia or an agar slant. Inoculating needles-are used when inoculating a broth culturefrom a colony on...
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