Laboratory Management- General Functions of a Laboratory Manager

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DATE: 19 MARCH 2013


What is expected from a manager?3-4
What knowledge and skills do they need?4
What training and qualifications do they need?4
Five basic functions of a manager5
Roles performed by managers5-7
Skills required by a manager8
Conclusion 9

In this assignment the general functions of a laboratory manager is being discussed. The laboratory(lab) manager is involved in organizing all aspects of the laboratory environment. They supervise general workflow; to ensure that the staff pertains to professional customer service. They do the maintenance of equipment such as the quality control, pricing, purchasing and the day-to-day functioning of the lab. The lab manager must have excellent customer service skills in order to liaise with photographers and designers. They must set up clear communication channels and develop systems and strategies to deal with fast-moving and sometimes unpredictable workload. They are also required to keep up with the latest development in technology and help improve productivity, profitability and client satisfaction ( What is expected from a Lab manager?

* A lab manager must organize and manage the workflow in the laboratory. * They must co-ordinate activities throughout the laboratory. * It is expected that they delegate work amongst the various technicians and technologists. * They must monitor outputs and keep record of workflow and the usage of supplies. * They must supervise the ordering and delivery of new laboratory supplies. * They must test and calibrate equipment to ensure optimum results, monitor chemistry in equipment. * A lab manager must perform quality tests and ensure the company meets its quality assurance standards. * They must oversee customer service to maximize sales.

* They must promote the continuing professional development of staff and oversee the training of trainees. * A lab manager must therefore make risk assessments for the laboratory and ensure that the company’s Health & Safety policy is observed. * The lab manager may also be involved in the development of new products and service to encourage the growth of the business. * It is also required that a lab manager work long hours, however they are fairly well paid and enjoy the benefits of a regular salary, holidays and a company pension. What knowledge and skills do the need to have?

The lab manager must possess excellent colour vision and have an excellent eye for colour, contrast, density and other graphic effects. They must also possess good analytical, problem solving and decision making skills. They must have a positive, pro-active attitude and pay close attention to detail. They need first class planning and time-management skills. They must also have the ability to motivate staff members. They should be a good listener and have the ability to communicate ideas and instructions clear and in a concise manner. They should be able to understand graphs and accounts, maintain accurate records, and put schedules and reports together. Lab managers need to have an excellent all round knowledge of all the equipment and processes used in the laboratory. They must have IT and Digital Imaging skills. They must always stay calm and level headed and be able to make racional decisions under stressful conditions. What training and qualifications do they need?

Most laboratory managers first work as a technician or technologist before becoming a lab manager. Therefore it is required that they do some form of management training courses that may be useful. Employers usually place more value on applicants who have training and...
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