Laboratory: Left-handedness and Experiment

Topics: Left-handedness, Scientific method, Handedness Pages: 8 (2534 words) Published: October 20, 2012
General Biology Independent Laboratory Experiences for the College Science MajorFirst Semester COPY OR SAVE TO A WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM to fill out and hand in to your instructor

Name:: October 4, 2012

On which page of the complete LabPaq manual does The Cycle of Scientific Inquiry figure appear? Answer: Page 3

LABORATORY 1 Work Area:Research and The Scientific Method
Exercise 1-1: The Dominant Thumb Experiment:


During the background examination of the literature, what was discovered about what is already known concerning this problem? Answer: Some of the “already known” facts about information given would be that left-handed people tend to have unusual vision abilities meaning they are typically good with their vision. Left-Handed people may also reduce the risk of having any bone problems like arthritis or even Osteoporosis. As for Right-Handed people they are typically write better then left handed people. Right-Handed people are more common then Left-Handed people. Typically Left-Handed people have trouble with languages, problems with reading, and also don't develop puberty at a later age. In recent studies it had proven that Left-Handed people have more problems then Right-Handed people. Some of their linked inherited traits would be that it really doesn't matter of your right handed or not, that even when you do the experiment it shows different conclusions.

Table 1.1: Data Results
Subject # | Left Thumb Dominant | Left-Handed | Right Thumb Dominant | Right-Handed | 1 | X | | | X |
2 | | | X | X |
3 | | | X | X |
4 | X | | | X |
5 | | | X | X |
6 | | | X | X |
Etc…..50 | | | | |

Table 1.2: Summary of Data
Subjects | Number | % of Total Subjects* |
Right-handed with right thumb dominant | 4 | 67.00% | Right-handed subjects with left thumb dominant | 2 | 33.00% | Left-handed subjects with right thumb dominant | 0 | | Left-handed subjects with left thumb dominant | 0 | | Total Number of experimental subjects | 6 | 100% | Number of subjects per category divided by total subjects. Example: if 5 of 50 total subjects were found in a category, the calculation would be 5 ÷Total number of subjects or 5/ 50 = .10 x 100 = 10% | 100% | NOTE: I have an attached one that shows the 50 subjects I did. If the World Wide Web was used as a background information source, how can the researcher be sure that the information presented on the sites is correct? How could one determine whether one could safely accept the site as a good source of information? Answer: A researcher should check the website itself. They should start off by checking to see if it looks real, how the website looks (The layout), Check the contact information, who owns the website, the authors of it and what country was it written in. Some of these things are very helpful to know if a site is correct or not. Someone could safely accept the site as a good source because it will have all the information needed like the author, the proper citations, the right grammar and it will show a lot of other important information.

What is the mathematical equivalent of the chosen hypothesis? Answer: A mathematical equivalent for the chosen hypothesis would be: Lt + Rt = Rh
Lt = Left-Thumb Dominant
Rt = Right-Thumb Dominant
Rh = Right-Handed

If 50 subjects were not interviewed, how can the number of volunteers be justified as an adequate sample size to test the hypothesis? If 50 subjects were interviewed, how does the researcher know that this sample size is large enough to effectively test the hypothesis? Answer: The researcher would know that this sample size is large enough to effectively test the...
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