Labor Union Case Study

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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Randall Henderson
Week 4 Assignment

Negative: (A Union for Los Angeles):
The private security officers in Los Angeles, who are a part of the Service Employees International Union, only make 18,000 dollars a year, which is less than a janitor’s salary.

The IBEW members of the union are responsible for their own success and destiny and each union functions as a single independent union.

(A Union for Los Angeles)
The private security industry is extremely large for African American workers and employs around two million African American workers around the country.

The IBEW is one of the most progressive unions in the country representing around 750,000 members.

(A Union for Los Angeles)

a) U.S labor unions have traditionally embraced a business unionism philosophy. In this approach, the key to achieving equity and voice is collective bargaining in the workplace, through, which unions win wage benefits, grievance procedures, and protective work rules. (Ch.5, p.154)

b) John Wilson hopes that his colleagues will be able to provide for their families and with the support of the union receive better benefits as a result of the union drive.


a) Information and opinions are shared with employees using a variety of methods. Supervisors may meet with employees individually or in small groups. (Ch.6, p.202)

b) The IBEW union allows employees to empower themselves by forming an organization to achieve their goals. Employees can speak with one strong voice to express their issues and concerns with management.
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