Labor Union

Topics: Trade union, Employment, Strike action Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: January 18, 2013
If we stand united we have a chance of gaining power. The bigger we are the better as a union to gain the power amongst others. Is being united strong enough? Labor Unions failed their constituents due to poor and corrupt leadership as well as selfish goals.

By the 1860s labor workers decided on considering the idea if joining together to form unions. The first major union was the National Labor Union under William H. Sylvis. It was a big organization consisting of about 640,000 member. It branched out and consisted of a variety of reform groups but had a small relation to labor work. We see from the beginning the poor leadership skills in the first labor union that this organization had almost no goals. They were gathered together with no set motive towards the labor work. The National Labor Union excluded women and believed that they were stealing male jobs and that males should be the dominant workforce. We see that the union group was sexist and limited its members. The unions face many struggles during the recession years because of the many jobless people. Labor unions were also bitter and violent, for example the Molly Maguires. The Mollies attempted to intimidate other companies through violent terrorist acts including bombing. We see here the poor leadership skills again because of their dangerous acts to gain power. Due to poor leadership skills and corrupt ways to achieve their goals the unions were unable to unionize and failed by the 1900s.

Labor unions formed for example for the many wage cuts. Because of this, it resulted in the class war called the Great railroad strike. Strikers began to destroy equipment and riot in the streets of Pittsburgh. To restore balance the militia were called but it did the opposite. Over 100 people died before the strike ended. We see the lack of central control between the strikers led to violence and deaths. The great railroad strike was America’s first major national labor conflict. It show the resentment...
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