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The Contract
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The aim of this project was to determine the awareness of the labor law to the employees and find out if they make use of it. The labor law gives a lot of right to the employee to protect him from any abuse by his employer. It can also protect the employer, if a worker is working with him and do not follow his employment contract. The labor law makes any employer – employee relationship fair and balanced between any employer and his employee. Some right are given and by law it is compulsory for the employer to entitle his employee.


Worker: A Person working in return for a wage

Employer: Person employing one or more workers in return for a wage

Wage: All that the worker obtains in return for his work, whether fixed or variable, in cash or cash equivalents.

Bonus: Extra income paid to the worker for his honesty or efficiency.

Allowance: Given to the worker in exchange for risky conditions that is liable at work. It can also be the workers share in profits or tip.

Provisional work: Part of the activity exercised by the employer. It evolves a specific period of time or when the task is finished.

Casual work: It not part of any activity exercised by the employer and its accomplishment doesn’t exceed 6 months.

Seasonal work: work that is done in traditional periodical seasons

Night work: Period between sunset and sunrise

The Contract

The contract should be in Arabic writing. Three copies should be made, a copy for the employer, another for the employee and the last one for the social insurance office.

Contract should comprise the following data:
1.Employer name
a.Place of work
2.Worker name
b.Profession or craft
c.Social insurance number
d.Home address and anything necessary for identification
3.Nature and kind of work
b.Time of payment
c.Payment method
d.Benefits in cash and cash equivalents

Employer should mention in the contract the period for probation and it shall not exceed three months. •A worker can not be under probation more than once with the same employer. •If no contract exists the worker may claim his rights by all methods of evidence


The annual leave is 21 days with full pay for employees that served for 1 year. The leave shall be increased to 30 days once the employee has spent 10 years of service with one or more employers. If the employee is over the age of 50, his leave shall be 30 days.

Holidays, Official occasion days off, weekly days off, shall not be counted as part of the leave.
If the worker was in service for less than one year and more than 6 months his leave shall be proportional to the days of service.
The leave can increase an additional 7 days if the employee is engaged in dangerous and unwholesome works.

Employer sets the dates of the annual leave according to the work conditions and shall not interrupt it
If the worker refuses to go on a leave he shall forfeit his right to collecting their equivalent in wage terms.
In all cases the worker obtains a 15 day leave including at least 6 continuous days, balance of the leave or its wages are computed and settled at most every three years. If the employment relationship ends before the worker collects his balance, then it shall be computed and given to him.

The leave can not be joined, divided or postponed.

The worker shall have the right to determine the date of his annual leave, if he is sitting for the exam in any of the educational stages, providing he notifies the employer 15 days before.

The employer may deprive the worker from his leave period wage, if the worker worked during the leave with another employer.

The worker can abstain from work for casual reasons for a period not exceeding six days during the year,...
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