Topics: Force, Hypothesis, Classical mechanics Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: April 4, 2012
Experiment #1: Mass, Volume and Density
Performed: 2/2/11
Turned in: 2/9/11

The purpose of this experiment is to verify the independence of X and Y motion for a projection. We watch the professor perform this experiment. The equipment used in this experiment was a projectile launcher (ME-6800), a drop shoot accessory (ME-9859), one photogate (ME-9204A), white paper, carbon paper, two time-of-flight timing pad (ME-6810), two balls (ball 1 and ball 2), and an interface computer. Ball 1 is dropped from rest (free fall), and ball 2 is simultaneously projected horizontally (projectile motion); successive positions of these two balls are separated by equal time intervals. At any given time, both balls have the same y-position, y-velocity, and y-acceleration (g= 9.8 m/s2), despite having different x-positions and x-velocities. Procedure/Raw data:

This experiment was completed using the already mounted projectile launcher (ME-6800). In this experiment, the program measures the flight times of two balls. The solid ball was placed in the free fall position and the hollow ball in the barrel of the projectile launcher. This was later reversed to test all possible flight times. The professor placed two time-of-flight pads at the two places where the balls would land. The launcher cord was pulled so the balls would be released. The launcher was tested at three different angles: 0°, 30° and 45°. This was repeated 3 times for each of the three angles. We observed positions of the balls while they were falling and whether they hit the ground at the same time. This is difficult since you can’t truly observe two objects that are moving concurrently. We received a data table which provided the flight times of when the balls hit the timing pad from both the barrel and the free fall position. Analysis/ Calculations:

We didn’t use any calculations to determine the force acted on the ball. We observed the balls as they moved and landed. We were also provided a diagram in the...
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