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Topics: Muscle, Scapula, Knee Pages: 15 (3093 words) Published: January 15, 2011
Student Name:Alfa Lopez
Date: 4-9-10
Karen Protiva/ Chemeketa Community College/BI 232 All-Online

Week One: APR Lab Assignment on the Muscular System
Pay close attention to the Submission Deadline!
THIS WORKSHEET MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA THE COURSE WEBSITE BY THE DUE DATE AND TIME!! Be sure to use a different COLOR or BOLD when answering these questions. Complete this worksheet while following the APR CD-ROM and Workbook on “The Muscular System”. Keep in mind that there may be parts that this lab assignment intentionally skips, so pay close attention. This laboratory takes time to complete and study, so do not procrastinate. I encourage you to spend time daily on completing this lab assignment. Make sure you are studying all components of this lab assignment.

• This worksheet corresponds with APR Workbook pages 113-155.

Pg. 113
• Read the Overview: Muscular System

Pg. 113-114
• After Viewing the Animation on “Skeletal Muscle”, answer these questions:

1. ___Skeletal muscle____is responsible for voluntary movement of the human body.

2. What is the structure of these muscles?it is made up of muscle fiber with connective tissue wrappings. 3. What is the epimysium?fibrous connective tissue surrounding the entire muscle 4. At the ends of the muscle, the epimysium is continous with…tendons and periosteum of the bone. 5. What is the perimysium?thin projections of connective tissue that extend from the epimysium to the muscle to surround fascicles. 6. What is a fascicle?bundles of muscle fibers.

7. What is the endomysium?loose connective tissue that separates individual muscle fibers 8. A muscle fiber consists of…single, elongated cell surrounded by a plasma membrane. 9. What is unique about the nuclei of a muscle fiber? Multiple nuclei Where are they located?beneath the sarcolemma. 10. What structures dominate the interior of the muscle fiber?threadlike structures called myofibrils. 11. What are the two types of protein filaments that compose the myofibril?actin (thin) and myosin (thick) myofilaments. 12. Name the orderly contractile unit of the muscle fiber. Sarcomere. 13. The shortened sarcomeres result in __muscle contraction_________________, and ultimately ___movement of the skeleton___________________________________.

Pg. 115
Muscular System: Head and Neck (Dissection) – Anterior View Layer 2
B.obicularis oculi
C.zygomaticus major
D.levator labii superioris
F.levator labii superioris alaeque nasi
G.oribucularis oris

Pg. 116 – CheckPt.: Head and Neck, Anterior View, cont’d 4. Name the muscle that closes the eye when winking or blinking. Obicularis oculi 5. Name the muscle responsible for compression of the cheek as in inflating a balloon or playing a wind instrument. buccinator 6. Name the muscle that closes and protrudes the lips. orbicularis oris Pg. 116

Muscular System: Head and Neck (Dissection) – Anterior View Layer 3
A.depressor anguli oris
B.depressor labii inferioris

Pg. 116 – CheckPt.: Head and Neck, Anterior View, cont’d 7. Name two muscles whose insertion is the hyoid bone.omohyoid and sternohyoid 8. Name the muscle responsible for depression of the angle of the mouth to grimace. Depressor anguli oris 9. Name the muscle responsible for depression of the lower lip while pouting.depressor labii inferioris

Pg. 118
Muscular System: Head and Neck (Dissection) – Lateral View Layer 2
D.orbicularis oculi
E.zygomaticus major
F.levator anguli oris
G.levator labii superioris
H.lavator labii superioris alaeque nasi

Pg. 118 – CheckPt.: Head and Neck, Lateral View, cont’d 3. Name the muscle responsible for elevation of the upper lip in a sneer.lavator labii superioris 4. Name the two muscle responsible for elevation of the upper lip in a...
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