Lab Test on Genetics of a Fruit Fly

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We had to pick a lab to do and we had four choices. We could pick one on the how genes are pasted down from generation to generation.



The purpose of this lab is to determine what genetics are dominant and which one is

recession in the fruit fly and to see what genetics are past down from generation to generation.


Mendel’s pea did and experiment that was demonstrates genetic inheritance. When his

experiment he found out that genes are past down from generation to generation. Mendel is

known more for his experiment on fruit flies and not on plants. With genes they are inside of the

centrosomes and a certain gene at the same spot with each chromosome and that is the locus. It is

crossing over in a fragment of the chromosomes. With the cross over id the directly in the

proportion to how far apart the chromosomes can be in the cell nucleus. Morgan was a person the

found out what genes were and he did not know anything about DNA. Morgan was a man that

made things happen and he laid down the ground work for people like Thomas Hunt Morgan to

come in and set the genetics in motion.

Fruit flies have been used for over 100 years for their genetics. Fruit flies share 75% of their

genes that can cause disease with the humans so the scientists can learn about the genetics in

humans by studying the fruit fly. Fruit flies are easy to take care of and they reproduce quickly

and they have so many generations that can be studied in a shorter amount of time. Fruit flies

only have four chromosomes but they are big chromosomes. Fruit flies are being used for genetic

models for human diseases like Parkinson’s and Huntington’s. Fruit flies soon will be in space as

a model there to look at them, scientist have to knock them out with a gas that has carbon dioxide

to put them to sleep for long enough for them to look at them under the microscope. Fruit flies

genetic code is 50% protein sequences. Fruit flies have a short life span but they can lay about

200 eggs before they die, so they can pass down there genetic down to their generation.


My hypothesis is that the dominant eye shape would be wild type, the eye color would be

red, the body color would be that of the ebony and, and the color and the body color would be



The methods I have to pick the fruit fly as a project

1.) I pick what to do it on like the body color there are two types, then there are the

eye color, then there is the eye shape, hair, and then there is the head shape and that is eyeless.

So we are going to do it on the head shape and that is eyeless.

2.) Then we went wild type and eyeless for the males and for the females we went wild type and wild type

3.) Then we have to pick the total number of offspring and how many generation we

won’t and we went with 500 with 10 generation.

4.) So then we crossed then.

5.) We got more wild types which was 0.50 percent of both female and the male were wild type and none that were eyeless which was normal

6.) So then we tried it a gene with a random pick and they gave us wild type for both

7.) We went 500 with a generation of 10

8.) And we got the same answer that we got form the first experiment and that was 0.50 percent were wild type


The lab was about what gene of a fruit fly. The lab was about the genetics of the fruit flies

and what genes were passed down from generation to generation. In the lab we had to take some

genetics for two fruit flies and cross them and see what we got. We crossed a male with red eyes

and a female with red and white-sepia and it came out that it was .26 male white-sepia and the

female was 50% red dominate. Then we had to...
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