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Topics: Typography, Present tense, Citation Pages: 6 (1506 words) Published: April 22, 2013
[Overtype title of experiment here]
Experiment conducted on [overtype date of experiment here]


Module title: EUC_4_005 Design and Practice
Occurrence Number: [Overtype your occurrence Number here]
Lab Group Number: [Overtype your lab group number here]
Course: [Overtype name of course here]

Student Name: [Overtype your name here]
Student Number: [Overtype student number here]

[overtype month and year here]

London South Bank University
Department of Urban Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Science and the Built Environment
103 Borough Road, London, SE1 0AA

The tables of contents for main text, tables and figures below are created by field codes. Do not edit them, but press F9 to update them. This red text is non-printing text Contents2
List of Tables2
List of Figures2
List of Appendices2
Chapter 1Introduction4
Notes on writing the report4
Notes on using the template4
Chapter 2Apparatus and experimental procedure6
Experimental Procedure6
Chapter 3Calculations and results7
Chapter 4Analysis and Discussion8
Chapter 5Conclusion9

List of Tables
Table 1.1 This is table title style5

List of Figures
Figure 1.1 This is figure title style5

List of Appendices
Type below the Appendix letter and title of appendix for any appendices you have created in the manner as per the example below. If you have not used any Appendices, delete this part of the contents. This red text is non-printing text Appendix ATitle of Appendix A

You need to provide a structured summary of no more than 200 words. Write up to two sentences against each of the parts of the abstract as indicated below.

Aim of the experiment: summarise the aim of the experiment
Methodology: the equipment and methodology employed
Results: key results obtained
Conclusion: your thoughts on what you achieved

This chapter should explain the aims and objectives of the laboratory experiment and then briefly highlight the theory and background of the subject, and the relevancy and possible applications of the experiment. Refer to and cite relevant references. You should provide an overview of what is to come in the rest of the report in the final paragraph. You should save a copy of this template for reference purposes as it provides instructions on how to use the template. You should then use the template by overtyping. The rest of this chapter provides instruction on the use of the template. You should print a copy of the template as it now stands and this will from your ‘instruction manual’ for using the template. The you can overtype into the template. Notes on writing the report

The laboratory report must use this template, be readable, informative and supported by high quality diagrams, graphs, tables as required. Write the report in the passive voice (as you have been taught in communications classes. Pay close attention to grammar and spelling. Use the past tense for describing the test that was undertaken, and the present tense for the outcomes and conclusions, again, as you have been taught in the communications classes. Always complete your report in good time and give it a very good proof read before submission. Although the laboratory data, and maybe some laboratory observations, are the same for all members of your laboratory group, make sure that the...
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