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4. If we increase the temperature of a conductor, its resistance will increase. In a semiconductor, resistance will decrease as temperature increases.

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1. Resistors
Resistors are the most commonly used component in electronics and their purpose is to create specified values of current and voltage in a circuit. A number of different resistors are shown in the photos. (The resistors are on millimeter paper, with 1cm spacing to give some idea of the dimensions). Photo 1.1a shows some low-power resistors, while photo 1.1b shows some higher-power resistors. Resistors with power dissipation below 5 watt (most commonly used types) are cylindrical in shape, with a wire protruding from each end for connecting to a circuit (photo 1.1-a). Resistors with power dissipation above 5 watt are shown below (photo 1.1-b). |[pic] |[pic] | |Fig. 1.1a: Some low-power resistors |Fig. 1.1b: High-power resistors and rheostats |

as the temperature increase, the resistance tends to increase. However, there are two types to this: Ohmic and non-Ohmic
Ohmic resistor's resistance increase with temp linearly whereas non-Ohmic would have a curve(e-function)

Look at related question below for a full explanation on color banded resistors including temperature drift.

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The effect of temperature on resistance of a given material depends on the material. In conductors, an increase in temperature will result in an increase in the resistance. In semiconductor materials, increasing temperature will result in a decrease in resistance.

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