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Doe, Jane

First Author: Tovar, Jonathan

Case Study for Jane Doe
Jane Does, a 27 year old sedentary Hispanic female, who was approached by us to participate in our program. goal was of losing weight. The initial ACSM risk stratification diagnosis indicated a body composition of 27% body fat at 137 lbs with a height of 5’6. The family medical history indicated a history of heart disease on the paternal and maternal side of the family. According to ACSM risk stratification guidelines she does not need a referral from a physician for exercise clearance. Measures regarding examining body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength/endurance, and flexibility were taken. Based upon the results a moderate intensity (60%-70% HRR/VO2R) a Cardiorespiratory and Resistance training program was designed for Jane Doe. A negative caloric balance program was established based upon her current RMR and newly designed exercise prescription. Muscle strength and endurance programs were designed to increase metabolic activity and rate mas well to increase fat free mass. It is hypothesized that Jane Doe will lose approximately 1.5 pounds per week for 11 weeks to reach target weight and to minimize total body fat percentage to < 20%. Case Study for Jane Doe

Case Presentation
Introductory Sentence:
Jane Does was approached to participate in this study. She agreed with the goal of losing 17 pounds of fat and to lessen her average percent body fat from 27% to less than or equal to 20%. Nature of the Problem (example):

Since she started college the client has been mostly inactive. She reported that even before she started college she was never really involved in athletics or vigorous physical activities. She has noticed that she has gained a lot of weight within the last two years. She has tried exercising with some commonly known DVD work outs but has failed to see any changes. Description of the Client

Tanita Body Composition Analyzer TBF-310|
Body Type| Standard|
Gender| Female|
Age| 27|
Height| 162.6 cm|
Weight| 62 kg|
BMI| 23|
BMR| 1398 kcal|
Impedance| 724Ω|
Fat %| 26.9|
Fat Mass| 16.74|
FFM| 44.6|
TBW| 34.6|
Max HR| 193|
Resting HR| 76|

Description of Medical History
According to the Medical History Questionnaire, Jane Doe had her physical exam on November of 2012, she is allergic to Penicillin. She has never been hospitalized and has hypothyroidism and is currently taken medication to control l it. She has had fluctuations on her weight over the past several years and has currently been stabilized at 137 lbs. Jane Doe mentioned she experiences shortness or loss of breath while walking with others of her own age. She has also been told by her physician that her triglycerides are at a high level. At this time none of her immediate family has had diabetes, CVD, stroke of high BP. Psychological Motivation for Physical Activity

Jane Does main motivation is to feel good about herself, as well to gain more energy and confidence in her body. She wants to be able to wear appropriate clothing to aquatic activities and feel good wearing them. Diagnosis and Evaluation of Fitness Assessment

Body Composition
Skin Fold Assesment|  |  |  |  |
 | Trial 1| Trial 2| Trial 3| Average| Age| Height (m)| Chest| 21| 21| 22| 21.33333| 27| 1.63|
Abdomen| 28| 27| 26| 27| Height (in)| 1.6256033|
Thigh| 20| 19| 20| 19.66667| 64| 1.625|
Triceps| 13| 12| 11| 12| Weight (lbs)| Height (cm)|
Subscap| 32| 35| 35| 34| 137| 162.5|
Suprailiac| 35| 35| 34| 34.66667|  | Weight (kg)|
Midaxilla| 26| 27| 25| 26|  | 62.142792|
Hip| 100| 100| 101| 100.3333|  |  |
Waist| 68| 68| 68| 68|  |  |
 |  |  |  |  |  | BMI|
7-site sum|  |  |  | Women 3-site Thigh| 23.38921| 174.6667|  |  |  | 66.33333|...
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