Lab Report: Gas Laws

Topics: Temperature, Gas, Absolute zero Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: March 3, 2012
Lab: Gas Laws

Obtain a reference of temperatures effect on gas using Charles’ law when heating a capillary tube in water on a heated hot plate. Then, cooling the same capillary tube with ice while measuring the temperatures cooling effect on the gas bubble inside the capillary tube. Measurements of temperature change are taken with microLAB sensor and graphed using microLAB software. A final determination of experiments determined absolute zero versus actual absolute zero will be calculated to determine percentage of error in experiments data using Charles’ quantitative law of V1/T1=V2/T2.

Obtain a reference of pressures effects on gas using Boyle’s law using a gas sample of standard “air” within a syringe and measuring pressures increase and decrease in association to changing volume. Measurements are obtained through microLAB sensors and graphed using microLAB software where a correlation coefficient of P vs. 1/V can be determined to represent pressure and volume’s relationship to each other in the experiment.

Procedure / Observations:
Entered microLAB gas laws program, chose Charles’ Law and labeled y-axis as temperature variable in Celsius, and x-axis as volume in mL. Read the capillary tube’s gas bubble at the base of the bubble, recorded as 5.8. Then placed the sealed end of a capillary tube into a 400 mL beaker 2/3 full of room-temp water. The capillary tube’s plug keeps the small amount of air trapped between plug and sealed end. The weight of the plug plus the constant atm applied maintains a constant pressure on the trapped gas. Turned on hot plate to setting 5, placed 400 mL beaker of water with capillary tube onto hot plate allowing temperature of water to rise to 80 C while stirring occasionally. Once water temperature was found to have reached desired temperature of 80 C the capillary tube’s gas bubble was read at the top of bubble in order to deduct from initial reading to determine the changes forced on gas bubble...
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