Lab Report Compound Pendulum in Different Medium

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Lab Report Compound Pendulum in different medium
Raoul Corstjens

An oscillating object is a mass that follows a pattern that causes the mass to return to its initial position after completing one complete oscillation in a constant certain amount of time. This experiment aims to show how the medium that a simple pendulum is traveling though affects the frequency of the pendulum.

Research Question
How does the medium that a simple pendulum is traveling though affect the frequency in the simple pendulum and how drastic is theta change?

Based on what I know about traveling though different mediums the more optically denser medium will cause more resistance to the pendulum causing it to complete fewer cycles within one second then the less optically dense medium.

* Length of string between the mass on the pendulum
* Amount of medium
* Height of pendulum
* Degree the mass is lifted too
* Mass of pendulums mass’s
* Weight of pendulums mass’s
* Start the time at the same time as dropping the mass
* Contain only the medium being tested no other contents
Independent: type of medium (air, water, classic coke, Fanta, Sugar Water) Dependent: (T) Time taken for Pendulum to stop at PE.


* Clamp x1
* Stand for clamp x1
* Simple pendulum with a mass of 14g x1
* Water tight box of the clamp stand 46cm long*2.5cm wide*11cm high x1 * Protractor x1
* Stopwatch x1
* Material needed to record data x1
* Water 1897.5ml
* Ethanol 1265ml
* Sun Flower Oil 1265ml
* Fruit syrup 632.5ml

1. First set up the experiment, this requires you to fill the water tight box you picked out earlier with enough liquid to submerge the pendulum completely, to set up the pendulum, and to put together the compound pendulum on the clamp that will fit well with the water tight box, make sure that the pendulum will be completely submerged, also remember to make sure the syrup water is 50% water and 50% syrup.

2. You will also need to be able to find the density of all of the liquids. This can be done by finding the weight of 100 ml of the liquid in a jar then subtracting the weight of the jar.

3. Then place the pendulum in front of you and use the protractor to find 135 degrees from the top of the pendulum to the length of the pendulum, while holding only the mass on the pendulum to a 135-degree angle with the protractor starting 0 at the top of the pendulum.

4. Once you have set that all up and are holding the mass at a 135-degree angle get the stopwatch ready.

5. Then at the same time drop the pendulum from that 135-degree mark and start the stopwatch (try to make sure you drop the pendulum and start the watch at the exact same time as it is crucial to a fair test).

6. Keep timing the pendulum till it reaches PE, then stop the stopwatch and write down what you got. Then do it once more in this same medium. You may test this as many times as possible but at least two.

7. Once you have the times written down get the box of liquid and place the pendulum in the water submerging it under the liquid, once you are going to change the liquid be sure to have the box that will contain the liquid to be clean before changing liquids (doing Syrup Water and anything containing sugar before water and ethanol will help clean the pendulum).

8. Once again redo step 2 through 5 for the next three liquids. You may test this as many times as possible but at least three. Remember this is being done for four more different liquids, which can be Ethanol, Water, Oil or Syrup Water.


Raw data of the Oscillations of a Simple Pendulum in Different Mediums

Types of Mediums| Trial one (cycles per 30 seconds)| Trial two (cycles per 30 seconds)| Air| 30| 30|
Water| 25| 30|
Ethanol| 29| 27|
Sunflower oil| 16| 12|
Syrup Water| 22| 20|

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