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Topics: Iron, Water Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: June 2, 2011
period I5-12-11

Iron-Gall Ink
I. Objective: The objective of this lab was to make our own ink and write an elemental haiku. We had to mix numerous amounts of liquids to make the ink.

II. Materials: First we needed to get safety glasses to protect our eyes from any chemicals, we could have used aprons but we didn’t really need to. A hot plate to heat up the water. 200 ml tap water, three 250 ml beakers, one heat-proof glass funnel. Filtered paper, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, a steel wool, gum Arabic and pens and paper.

III. Summary of Procedure: Well first we had to boil up the water and the tea. When that was done boiling and heating up we added the vinegar and steel wool. It had changed color by doing this. It changed to a lightish brown color, kind of like tea. Then we added a little spoon full of gum Arabic. This helped the ink stay on the surface of the paper, and thicken it a little bit so it wouldn’t stay so watery. After we did that we dipped the calligraphy pen into the ink and started to write out the experimental haiku on a white piece of paper.

IV. Results with sample calculations: The results me and my partner Kody got were actually not that bad. Kody and I both thought that it was not going to turn out good and kind of sloppy, but in the end when we used the ink we made it didn’t look bad at all. It wasn’t the best but at least it wasn’t the worst. It was light when wrote on the paper at first but as time passed our ink started to darken a little bit.

V. There were nine questions we had to answer in this lab. They were.

1. What was your source of hydrogen ion?
Our source of hydrogen ion was the vinegar.
2. What was your source of hydrogen iron?
Our source of hydrogen iron was the steel wool.
3. What happened to cause the iron atom to change into ferrous ion? The boiling water which we boiled for seven minutes.
4. Is this oxidation or a reduction?

It was oxidation because it got bigger....
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