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Lab 20: Flame Tests
Purpose/Objective: The ground state is the normal electron configuration of atoms or ions in an element. When atoms or ions in ground state are heated to a higher temperature, some electrons absorb enough energy to move them to higher energy levels. This is known as the excited state. However, the excited configuration is unstable, and the electrons must return back to their positions in the lower energy level. As they return, the energy that was previously absorbed is now emitted in the form of electromagnetic energy. This energy can be displayed in the form of visible light. The main purpose/objective of this lab was to observe the characteristic colors produced by certain metallic ions when they are vaporized in a flame. Another main objective of this lab was identifying the unknown metallic ions by means of flame tests. Materials: Please refer to pages 105-108 in the lab manual.

Methods: To conduct this experiment please refer to pages 105-108 in the lab manual. Data:

Please see the next page to look at the data table.

Data Table
Metallic IonColor in FlameIdentity of Ion
Ca+2Neon orangeN/A
Unknown ALight greenCu+2
Unknown BOrangeBa+2
Unknown CNeon orangeNa+/K+
Unknown DPink with a little shade of orangeSr+2
Unknown EReally vibrant orangeCa+2
Unknown FNeon orangeNa+/K+

Conclusion Questions:
1.What inaccuracies may be involved in using flame tests for identification purposes? -A few possible inaccuracies that could have occurred in identifying metals during the flame test were accidentally contaminating one ion by mixing it with another. Another inaccuracy that could have occurred was contaminating the water by putting the wood splint back into the water after touching it to a substance. The last inaccuracy that could have occurred was making sure that you test each substance multiple...
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