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Acid- Base Titration

Jorge Moreno Chem 118LS4-133S Mr. Qin

In the lab they want determine the concentration of a solution. One way that they have to do so is to carrying out analytical procedure known as titration.

Every material and step in the lab is very important. Everything has a purpose in the lab. In this lab they used a lot material. They used 2 50mL burets, buret stand and clamps, Erlenmeyer flask 125mL, Erlenmeyer flask 250mL, wash bottle, distilled water, 10mL graduated cylinder and 10mL volumetric pipette. In this lab they worked with acid and base. They want determine the concentration of a solution of NaOH by titration with a standard solution of HCL. Also they want determine the concentration of a sample of white vinegar by titration with a standard solution of NaOH.

1. The first step that they did was wash 2 burets.
2. Then they identify which buret has each solution, the acid or base. 3. Then they rinse each buret with about 10mLof solution that it is to hold. 4. Next they mix both solution, the acid and the base.

5. Next fill each burret with the proper solution and allow the some of each solution to run out of the buret tip. 6. Place the 125mL Erlenmeyer flask beneath the acid buret. Add 10mL of acid to the flask. 7. Then they wrote the initial and the final volumes from the buret into your data table. 8. Next they added 10mL of distilled water to the flask.

9. Then they added 3 drops of phenolphthalein to the flask, and swirl the flask to mix thoroughly. 10. Then they started to move the flask, next observed the substance until...
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