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Topics: Ion, Chemistry, Atom Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Purpose: The purpose of the lab was to observe what happens when two ionic compounds are combined in a small area and to be able to record the type of precipitate that is formed.

Background: An ionic compound is formed when ions “transfer,” or lose or gain electrons. The ions in an ionic compound are held together by ionic bonds in a lattice shaped structured. They are packed tightly together to maximize the attraction between the ions. When two compounds are mixed together, they form a precipitate. A precipitate is solid that is formed from a chemical reaction. A cation is a positively charged ion and an anion is a negatively charged ion.

Hypothesis: The anion and the cation will react to form a precipitate more often than not.

Conclusion: In this, one takes a specific solution containing a cation and a solution containing a specific anion and place four drops of each in a designated area to observe what kind of precipitate is formed. Some cations were tested with some other anions throughout the two days that the lab was performed. The observations of the new precipitate were expected to be accurate to what you observed.

Combining the anion and cations, on would notice that they almost always reacted chemically and formed a precipitate. Although, in some cases the cation and anion did not form a precipitate but only a clear liquid, it was a very rare occurrence. Observations that were taken were that it changed in color, appearance, and texture and in most cases showed signs of a new substance being formed. When the experiment was all done, the trays that had been used for mixing the chemicals may not have been washed completely because they had been used more than once in the same day. This could have got the results to be a little more obvious.

When the ionic compounds turned a different color, formed a precipitate, changed temperature, formed a gas, or produced energy, a chemical reaction had taken place. This means that in almost every...
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