Lab Report

Topics: Blood pressure, Blood, Heart Pages: 4 (1016 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Lab report
As part of my module Nip1002 I was required to perform a set of observational skills which included; pulse, blood pressure, respirations, hand washing and urinalysis and then compare them to previous results. In this lab report I am going to discuss blood pressure in detail. Procedure

* Explain the procedure to the patient and gain consent
* Wash hands thoroughly following the hand wash technique to prevent the transfer of bacteria * Clean equipment e.g. blood pressure cuff and stethoscope using antibacterial wipes * Ensure the patient is comfortable and has been resting for 10 minutes * Remove tight clothing and support the arm at heart level, overestimation or underestimation can occur if it is not at the appropriate level * Ensure you have the correct cuff size for the patient or this could give an inaccurate reading * Locate the brachial artery and apply the cuff

* Estimate the systolic pressure by using the radial pulse and inflate the cuff until the pulse cannot be felt. This is important to provide an estimation and avoids error in reading. * To take the patient’s blood pressure use a stethoscope and place on the brachial artery pulse and inflate 20-30 mmHg higher than the estimated systolic pulse * Immediately release the pressure using the thumb valve at approximately 2mmHg per second. If it is deflated too rapidly you may not hear the sounds accurately * The systolic pressure is the level when clear tapping sounds first appear and the diastolic pressure is the level when the sounds disappear * Record the measurements on an observation chart and compare the previous results as this will allow changes in the patient’s condition to be monitored appropriately (see appendix 3) * Remove the cuff and explain the reading to the patient

* Clean all equipment and wash hands again to prevent cross infection (Glasper, Richardson; McEwing, 2009, p.168 & 169) Discussion
The heart is located in the centre...
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