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Topics: PH, Acid, Base Pages: 4 (1033 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Name: Daphnie B. Sarmiento
Year / Section: II year – St. Augustine
Group Name: Friday Cleaners



Litmus paper is an acidic based paper. And it is made up of paper and it obtains a proper pH reading. The p in pH stands for potential. The term is potential of hydrogen or pH, which simply means the potential of something attracting hydrogen ions to itself. PH also is referred to as acid/alkaline balance. Acid are liquids with acidic properties. The paper turns red in response to acidic conditions. Acid substances are also able to turn blue litmus paper red. Litmus paper works on the PH principle so something could be more acidic or alkaline. Litmus paper is a simple test commonly used to determine whether a solution is acid or base. Acidity is important to life, and general health and wellness. Most biological processes have a very narrow pH range in which they can take place. The expression "giving the litmus test" in modern language can be a reference to using litmus paper as a definitive test for determining whether a substance is acid or base, but the term has also come to describe the act of determining the truth of a situation.

We want to know what is going to happen if we put the red and blue litmus paper in our materials that we used. What we must observe to the changes of the materials? What effects does it call to the changes of the color? Why blue litmus paper change color and why also red litmus paper change in color?

1 citrus fruit paper 3 pieces of blue litmus 1 antacid (any brand) urine 1 ml distilled water saliva 3 pieces of red litmus paper Isopropyl alcohol Vinegar Soap

1. Cut the citrus fruit or calamansi and squeeze a...
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