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Topics: Joule, Energy, Calorie Pages: 4 (569 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Instructor:Dr. Ayssar Nahlé

Course Title:General Chemistry for Health Sciences

Course Number: 1426155 & 1426105

Semester (Tick): Fall Spring Summer
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Section (Tick): 11B12B

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State the type of measurement in each of the following statements: 10- a.I rode my bicycle 15km today .
b.My dog weighs 12kg.
c.It is hot today .It is 30˚C.
d.I used 2L of water to fill my fish tank.

14-Write each of the following measurements in scientific notation: c. 750 ºC

18-Write each of the following as standard numbers:

22-Identify the measured numbers, if any, in each of following pairs of numbers:
a.5 pizzas and 50.0 g of cheese
b. 6 nickels and 16 g of nickel
c. 3 onions and 3Ib of onions
d. 5 miles and 5 cars

32-Perform each of the following calculations and give answers with the correct number of significant figures:
D . 3.5 ×0.2618.24 ×20.0

42-Complete the following metric relationships:
b.1mL= μL

48-Write the equality and conversion factors, and identify the numbers as exact or give the number of significant figures for each of the following statements:
c.There are 7 days in 1 week.

54-Solve each of the following problems using one or more conversion factors:
a.You need 4.0 oz of a steroid ointment dose the pharmacist need to prepare ?

66-Use the density values in Table 1.13 to solve each of the following problem:
a.A graduated cylinder...
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