Lab Paq-Lab Two Chromatography of Food Dyes

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Lab Two; Chromatography of Food Dyes
Jan Konig
28.04.2013 11:00am
Chemistry 121, section DE

The second lab deals with the chromatography of food dyes which means you figure out what kind of compounds are used in a product like food color etc. by comparing the result to FD&C Food Dyes. You use six different food dyes, four food colors out of the store, two different Kool Aid powder and four different colors of candy like M&Ms you use for the chromatograph. At the end you try to find which food dyes are in the other products. Experiment and Observation

Chromatography of Food Dyes:
The first step was to prepare the two filter paper for the experiment so you can measure the different columns at the end of the experiment. For that to happen you have to draw a horizontal line with a pencil. The line has to be 1cm above the bottom. After that you draw nine cross lines along the horizontal line with a space between each cross line of 1.5cm. Now you have to mark each area with a shortcut of the substance you are going to put on the horizontal line. The next step is to prepare each of your substances in the 24-well plate. Once you put all the substances in the well plate and dissolved the color from the M&Ms and Kool Aid with some drops of water, you dip a clean toothpick in the dye. You mark carefully a little point on the horizontal in the center of the section you marked with the substance and make sure the point is not too big because otherwise the experiment won’t work as good. The filter paper needs to dry for a few minutes before you form both to a cylinder and staple it so it stays a cylinder. Before you can keep going with the experiment you have to take a 50ml plastic beaker and fill that one with 50ml distilled water, solve a pinch salt in the water and stir until you can’t see crystals anymore. Pour a little bit of that solution in a petri dish but make sure it will be below the horizontal line you draw on the filter paper. Set...
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