Lab of Exercise Effects on the Repitory System

Topics: Heart, Muscle, Exercise physiology Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: June 9, 2011
The purpose of this activity is to determine the effects of different exercises on the respiratory and circulatory system. We are trying to find the differences in heart rate and breathing rate after a variety of exercises, three in particular.

When the experiment is being carried out, it is expected that the cardiovascular exercise (which is jumping jacks) will increase both the heart and breathing rate. After muscular exercise (which is sit ups) the heart rate will stay at a moderate estimate while the breathing rate will increase. Lastly, a combination of both exercises are tested which is a burpee. In this exercise, I believe both the heart and breathing rate will go up because the muscles are going to need more oxygen as the intensity increases. The body needs more oxygen as it burns more fuel which results in deeper and increased breaths. Note: heart rate is measured by beats per minute and breathing rate is measured by how many inhales and exhales are performed in a minute.

The independent variable is the type of exercise chosen and the dependant variable is both the heart and breathing rate. The rate of beats per minute and the number of exhales and inhales depend on the intensity and type of activity performed. The controlled variables include the timing spent doing each exercise, the atmosphere, the same person should carry out through both activities and setting the heart rate back to the experimenter’s resting pulse before starting a new activity. Uncontrolled variables include the person’s fitness, weight, height, and any medical conditions.
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