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Chapter 3 / Lab Material
1.The Six I’s of studying microorganisms include all of the following except •Infection
2.All of the following are examples of different types of microbiological media except •Petri dish
3.Which of the following is essential for development of discrete, isolated colonies? •Solid medium
4.A pure culture contains only
One species of microorganism
5.A microbiologist inoculates Staphylococcus epidermidis and Escherichia coli into a culture medium. Following incubation, only the E. coli grows in culture. What is the most likely explanation? •The culture medium must be selective.

6.A common medium used for growing fastidious bacteria is
Blood agar
7.A nutrient medium that has all of its chemical components identified and their precise concentrations known and reproducible would be termed •Synthetic.
8.A reducing medium contains
Substances that remove oxygen.
9.Which type of medium is able to distinguish different types of microorganisms based on am observable change in the colonies or in the medium? •Differential
10. A microbiologist decides to use a nutrient medium that contains thioglycolic acid. What type of microbe is she attempting to culture? •Anaerobe
11. For which bacterial genus is mannitol salt agar selective? •Staphylococcus
12. Which is incorrect about Chocolate agar?
It has chocolate extract in it.
13. The primary purpose of staining cells on a microscope slide is to •Add contrast in order to see them better.
14. The Gram stain, acid-fast stain, and endospore stain have the following in common: •Are differential stains
15.Basic dyes are
Attracted to the acidic substances of bacterial cells.
16. A microbiologist makes a fixed smear of bacterial cells and stains them with Loeffler’s methylene blue. All the cells appear blue under the oil lens. This is an example of •Simple staining
17. Media that contains extracts from plants, animals, or yeasts are •Complex
18.Brain-heart infusion, trypticase soy agar (TSA), and nutrient agar all examples of which type of media? •Nonsynthetic
19. A media is designed that allows only staphylococci to grow. In addition, S. aureus colonies have a yellow halo around them and other staphylococci appear white. This type of media is •Both selective and differential

20. Which type of media can be used to determine if a bacteria is motile? •SIM
21. All of the following are correct about agar except
It is a source of nutrition for bacteria
22. Which of the following media is useful for cultivating fungi? •Sabouraud’s agar
23. Which of the following put the six I’s in the correct order? •Inoculation. Incubation, isolation, inspection, identification

Chapter 13

24. Endogenous infectious agents arise from microbes that are •The patient’s own normal flora
25. The human body typically begins to be colonized by its normal flora •During, and immediately after birth
26. Which genus is resident flora of the mouth, large intestine, and, from puberty to menopause, the vagina? •Lactobacillus
27. Which genus is the most common resident flora of mouth surfaces? •Streptococcus
28. Virulence factors include all of the following, except •Ribosomes
29. STORCH is an acronym that represents the most common
Infections of the fetus and neonate
30. Exotoxins are
31. Enterotoxins are
All of the above are correct.
32. Which is mismatched?
Secondary infection – infection spreads to several tissue sites 33. The subjective evidence of disease sensed by the patient is termed •Symptom.
34. The objective, measurable evidence of disease evaluated by an observer is termed •Sign
35. The study of the frequency and distribution of a disease in a defined population is •Immunology
36. The principal government agency responsible for tracking infectious diseases in the United States is the •Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
37. A disease that has a...
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