Lab for Specific Heat

Topics: Heat, Thermodynamics, Specific heat capacity Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Based on the results of the lab it can be seen that the metal in the lab can be identified as lead. The identity of the metal was determined by the heat energy calculations. The heat capacity that was found matched closely to that of the lead. There were several possible sources of error that could be found throughout the lab. Some of the main errors as seen in question 7 that could have affected the results of the lab were the amount of water transferred with the hot metal, the metal cooling off as it was transferred from the calorimeter, the calorimeter lost heat to the surroundings as it was stirred because the lid was removed.

The amount of water transferred with the hot metal wouldn’t effect the specific heat capacity of the metal. The amount of water wouldn’t change the temperature, so the heat capacity wouldn’t be changed. The metal cooling off could change the heat capacity because the temperature wasn’t kept constant and would most likely lower the calculated value of the specific heat capacity. The calorimeter losing heat as a result of stirring would most likely raise the calculated value of the specific heat capacity. The surroundings are most likely warmer than the temperature of the calorimeter and as a result would cause a raise in tempature as the contents inside the calorimeter rise as well as the metal temperature which would also be effected.

Also the temperature of the metal was close in numbers to some other possible metals which could possibly result in a mistake being made in the metal identified.

Conclusion From the data shown it can be seen that the purpose of the lab was achieved. It was proved that lead was the medal in the lab and it was identified using specific heat capacity.
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