Lab Exercise: Computer Systems Architecture

Topics: Personal computer, Serial port, Universal Serial Bus Pages: 3 (407 words) Published: September 23, 2010
Lab Exercise 2.03: Recognizing External Connections

Is it possible to plug any cable into the wrong connector? If so, which one(s)? What do you think would happen if you plugged something into the wrong connector?

Answer- Yes, the mouse and keyboard connectors. If they plug into the wrong connector, the device will not work.

DATA-CABLE from printer to the PC (both ends)
End 1 (PC) USBEnd 2 Parallel Port
Male or Female: MaleEnd 2 Female
Number of Pins:25

Data cable from the keyboard to the pc
Mini-DinMini-Din Port
7 pins

Data cable from mouse to the PC
Mini-DinMini-Din Port
7 pins

Data Cable from the network to the PC
1 hole

Data Cable from the internal modem to the telephone jack
1 hole

Cable TypeConnector Type
Keyboard CableMini-Din
Mouse CableMini-Din
Speaker Cablemini-audio connector

Monitor data cable15 pin DB Female
Printer data cableparallel 25 pin DB male
Printer data cable25 pin DB female
Network data cableRJ-45
Modem/Telephone wireRJ-11

Step 10- Identify the connectors pictured next.What is the name of each connector and what does it connect to?

B. VESA PortG. Mini-Din
C. Parallel portH. HDMI
D. RJ-45I. Serial Port

Lab Exercise 2.05: Disassembling the system unit and identifying internal components

Look inside the PC and find the expansion slots. How many total expansion cards can be plugged into your system? 9 total expansion cards.

How many Ram modules do you have? 2 ram modules

Do you have Dual inline memory modules or single? There are Dual inline memory modules.

Step 16


Lab analysis Test

1. Joe could have plugged the keyboard plug into the mouse port. 2. The floppy disk may not be compatible with the format. I suggest using a CD-ROM 3. First thing to check is if its plugged into the...
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