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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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Isaac Hilton
and Kalle Watts

Measurement Lab 9, 27, 2012
In this measurement lab we attempted to make the most precise and most accurate measurements. We used the materials and equipment that we had to make all of our measurements. We had to deal with significant figures and also, we had to designate each measurement with its proper unit. The objective of this lab was to use all of our equipment we had and make the most accurate measurements as possible. Secondly, we had to put each measurement and convert it to the unit that had been asked for.

Materials: Water
Equipment: The equipment we used were things such as paper clips, rubber stopper, book, piece of wood, round object, water, pencil, meter stick, lab room, beaker, ourselves, and also a weight scale. In this lab we first converted the length of paper clip from 1.86 mm to 3.45 cm. Secondly we found the mass of a rubber stopper which was 44.70 grams. We then measured the mass of a book in grams which was 117g, also found the volume of a piece of wood in cm cubed which was 45 cm cubed, then we figured the volume of the round object using water displacement method and the volume of the object was 42cm squared. After that we figured the volume of t=a pencil by water displacement which was 49 ml. finally, we measure the length, width height, and volume of the room, the length was 9.6 m, the width was 6.87 m, the height 2.44 m, and the volume was 160.92 m cubed. We measured my height which was168.5 m and 5.53 feet. My weight was 131.4 pnds and 59.73 kilograms. We then measured temperature of water in a beaker which was 70 degree C. We then measured the thickness of 100 sheets of paper which was 2 mm.
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